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Foundation Year : 1990
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Established in 1987 , “Güler deri” , started garment manufacturing from lambskin with fur (shearling) and later established its tannery and completed its integration. Since its establishment, the primary principle of our company has been customer satisfaction and in addition to that our general philosophy has been to standardize and maintain by continuous improvements in manucturing, level of quality and customer services in general.

In this respect, our company closely follows and applies latest development in leather technology and innovations and sources its raw materials from the world markets. Having started as a family enterprise “Güler deri” is very much dedicated to maintain its values and customs still valid since its establishment, while at the same time is also trying to institutionalise and comply with the requirements of globalisation but aswell it is very much stubborn inorder not to sacrifice from those initial values that are now very basic principles such as Customer Satisfaction, Service and Product Quality. 

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Burak Danacı

Burak Danacı

Sales Manger

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