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Foundation Year : 1982
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               ÜÇ-EL Shoes was started in 1982. We are producing anatomic comfort leather shoes. Because of the "Quality First" idea, we have achieved significant success in a short time.
    In 2000, Our company was awarded the World Quality Award in Spain.
    In 2006, Our company was awarded because of being the first firm which made the first export to China from Turkey.
   In 2012, Our company was awarded because of being the best of brand of the year 2012.
   We are working with Wesfalia which is a big store chain in Germany. And Dr.Flexer has taken place, in their health catalog.
    Our brand  DR.Flexer, is the result of a two-year R & D work. We have worked with
Celal Bayar University, Department of Orthopaedics doctors. Dr. Flexer, has been prepared in accordance with the anatomical structure  of the foot.  
     We have special insole in our Dr.Flexer brand, This insole is made in accordance with the anatomical structure of the foot and has the following features.

       1.It supports the long axis of the foot and thus is effective in patients with flatfoot.

       2.Since the front section of insole is made of antibacterial materials, it provides for air permeability as well, so is effective for reducing perspiration and thus prevents fungal growth between the fingers. Thanks to its anatomical feature, it is beneficial for the front

       3.Sectional pains of the foot arising from the metatarsal bones.

       4.It reduces pressure on the heel fat pad owing to its heel section features. Thus,

       5.it helps reduce the pains derived from soles and heel spur.

       6.It promotes general foot hygiene as the base materials used are of genuine leather.

      We have tested our products by SGS and passed Phthalates - Azo tests.  That means, our products do not contain  carcinogenic materials. 

     Today, with our brand, DR.Flexer,  we have 200 selling points in Turkey. And exporting our shoes in Australia, Germany, Greece,  Russia, France, China, England, Israel,  Dubai, Kuwait, Iran and Turkish republics. And also we have nine franchiser in Turkey.

   Our companies daily production capacity is 600-700 pairs. We are making export %30 of our production. Also our  Dr.Flexer brand has Europe patent.

Best Regards.

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Rıfat SARI

Rıfat SARI


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